The Adventures of Princess Indigo – The Tiksi Experiment

After writing several femdom fantasy stories for My column in Scene Magazine, this has crystallised into an on going series called ‘The Adventures of Princess Indigo‘, telling of My kinky latex clad escapades around the globe. The latest episode is entitled ‘The Tiksi Experiment‘. Inspired from the sessions spent developing My erotic hypnosis skills. This devious bawdy tale is about Me putting My mind control powers into wicked practise.

I love indoctrinating the little toys who come into My world and taking over your little lives. Finding out your weaknesses and deepest fantasies and making your defences crumble. I love that delicious moment when the ground gives way and there’s no way back for you. It gets Me so hot and I always have an explosive orgasm in My bed on nights like that. Just knowing that I own you so fucking completely.

I also love those moments when you emerge into the daylight not realising how deep My drug is inside of you. Then suddenly, unexpectedly your desires will burst explosively back into life bringing you back to My door. Helpless horny and desperately craving My attention.

Most of all I love making My little puppets beg for every single morsel I throw them. I’m never satisfied and I love driving you crazy by making you beg and plead more and more. Especially when its on Twitter, I love reposting your sexual frustration for My thousands of fans to read. I love getting under your skin. Burning My name into your helpless little puppet brain. Deeper and deeper. Feeling My mark inside you all day and all night. Feeling Me in your mind, tearing down your defences with overwhelming, all consuming dark erotic pleasure.

Take a few steps closer little puppet and I will devour you. Carve My name on your very soul until the letters burn fiery bright in the darkness.

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An Exciting Announcement!!!!!!!!

by Princess Indigo

I was totally gobsmacked when earlier this year I was approached to become a columnist for the fantastic fetish site Scene Magazine.

Since then I’ve been working feverishly, writing two fantastic new kinky Domination stories. Festival Of the Bitch and the epic two part debauched romp Mischief at Castle Krumlov. There’s also some stunning new artwork to go with them.

They’ll be lots more dark devilish pictures and bawdy stories over the coming months. You can contribute by subscribing to Scene Magazine and promoting My work wherever you can.

Obey Your Princess!!!!





Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon: The House on Gordon Square Pt2

by Princess Indigo

Read the latest instalment of Goodnight Moon, a fantasy adventure series starring my own Mistress the legendary Hypnotic Haylee. Written exclusively for In Haylee We Trust.

The series sprang out of the erotic ghost story The Haunting of Park Slope West and merges Hypnotic Haylee’s ever expanding universe with a fantasy mythology I’ve been creating over the past ten years. It also paints a back story for the sci-fi/fantasy trilogy I’ve been writing.

The first story is titled The House On Gordon Square. In this episode we see the different players in the game begin to emerge and the House of Haylee caught up in the dark forces rising from London’s hidden past.


Goodnight Moon Prologue – The Haunting of Park Slope West

Goodnight Moon – The House On Gordon Square Pt 1

Goodnight Moon – The House On Gordon Square Pt 2


Atitles copy

The Tartan Terror In Nantucket

by Princess Indigo

starring Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Lisa Doll

There was an eerie haze in the air which Lisa Doll, fetish supermodel and bondage bunny extraordinaire took an instant dislike to as she stepped out of her black Bentley Continental and locked the door. After an enjoyable ride on the high speed ferry from Harwich she’d arrived at island of Nantucket, which was shaped like the end of a woman’s fingernail.

Driving through Nantucket Town she had been directed towards the Whaling Museum that looked out onto Brant Point and the air had begun to change. She adjusted the little black and red nautical outfit she had been sent in the post, redid her long burgundy ponytail and looked around her. The whole island was filled with old nineteenth century wooden buildings and on a difference days weather would have been a pleasant place to be.

In search of an interesting diversion her agent had come up with working in a lovely little hotel on an island far away. No photographs, no spanking, no hogtying, no forced orgasms.  Just anonymity, home cooked food and a paid holiday.

An old woman at the Whaling Museum had told her the hotel was out on the bay. Now she was out of her car Lisa felt a strong pang of unease growing. The whole of Brant Point was deserted.

As she began to make her way through the cobbled streets, her footsteps were much louder than she expected, which only served to unsettle her even further. Somewhere in among the unfamiliar buildings was her destination, the Spouter Inn. She tried several doors to attempt to obtain some directions but they were either all locked or jammed mysteriously ajar in their frames. No of them revealed the best way to Sackville West Street and her quarry.

Lisa Doll


Lisa Doll

Lisa turned down a cobbled lane towards the bay, catching her first sight of the old lighthouse on the headland and there it was. The sign of the Spouter Inn made a sound like the badly oiled swing that she used to swing on in the park, sat drinking cider as a teenager. The memory wouldn’t leave as she tried the door and found it open.

Lisa Doll

‘Hello, one package as requested from Scotland.’ she said her Glaswegian tones breaking the silence of the lobby. There was no response from within, but the lights were on and it at least had the feel of a living building.

Stepping self consciously inside her eyes fell upon the semi circular reception desk and then noticed the set of stairs to her left, going upwards then turning right, upwards to the first floor. In the far right hand corner of the room was a small collection of chairs and an old cast iron stove which was blazing away filing lobby with warmth.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

She stood looking at the old period oil painting of a ship foundering in rough seas, which did nothing to reassure her. There were several similar rooms beyond the lobby, each with their own set of nautical pictures hung on the wooden panelled walls. There didn’t seem to be a single soul in the whole building.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

She returned to the lobby went to the reception desk and rank the bell. The sound rang through the building receiving no response.

Lisa Doll

‘They must be all in the kitchen peeling Cape Cod prawns for the all you can eat buffet.’ she said angrily.
She looked up at the long wooden banister rail that snaked up the inside of the building and against her better judgement started to climb the stairs. Apart from her own footsteps there was not a sound to be heard.

Lisa Doll

Lisa reached the wooden landing which led to a row of unoccupied wooden panelled guest rooms. Some of the family rooms were filled with nautical style bunk beds, complete with more pictures of ships at sea.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Her favourite room had a fancy-dan carved headboard, which Lisa decided was where she was sleeping.
The view of Brant Point lighthouse overlooking three fully rigged sailing ships sitting on the quayside distracted her and she found herself standing wistfully at the window. The unanticipated sound of a car pulling up made her whirl wound and rush back down the long wooden stairs.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

As Lisa dashed down the stairs, the phone on the reception desk began to ring. She ran down the final flight of steps only to have it ring off just as she lurched over the reception desk to answer it. At that moment the lobby door opened and in came the latex clad figure of Belinda Z’s wife, the gorgeous Tigress Melli.

Lisa Doll

‘What in the seven hells are you doing here!’ Lisa responded loudly, completely taken off guard.
‘Who do you think sent the job offer to your agent?’ chuckled Tigress Melli effervescently.
‘You set this whole thing up? Do you know how far I’ve driven today? Not to mention scratching my Bentley on the bloody ferry! What the hell possessed you to have me dress up as a sailor and come out to an island in the middle of nowhere!’ exclaimed Lisa frustratedly.
‘It was Bella and the Princess idea, they thought you could use a holiday.’ tittered Tigress Melli unphased.
‘I should have know that crazy orange haired English lunatic had something to do with it. It’s all that latex, it cuts off the blood supply to the brain!’ said Lisa fuming.
‘I think it has the same affect on me. Why on earth did you take the mystery job in the first place?’ asked Melli trying to change the subject.
‘It makes a change from being tied up for a living Miss.’ said Lisa sarcastically, ‘I’ve had so many things shoved up where the sun don’t shine I don’t know if there’s a Y in the month. I wanted to do something normal for a change.’
‘Well you’ve come to the wrong island, I hope you’ve brought your handcuffs!’ said Tigress Melli with a grin.
‘Why the hell does it have to be about kinky sex all the time! When me and the Princess used to meet for lunch we used to talk about the weather and the dog.’  replied Lisa.
‘I bet!’ said Melli folding her arms.
‘Ok there was the diagnostic report on her latest romantic disaster, the newest kinky porn star she was into, an in depth analysis of why she’d suddenly developed a fetish for blondes in pink wellies and how many mind blowing orgasms her Mistress had inspired this week. Apart from that it was perfectly innocent!’ Lisa rapidly explained.
‘If that’s your idea of innocent then you’re nothing but a little Scottish tart who likes to spend her free time getting her ass spanked with her panties round her ankles shortly before being tied to the furniture and used in unnatural ways.’ Tigress Melli said laughing.
‘The Tartan Terror at your service.’ said Lisa with a smirk and bowed.
‘Excuse me I need to go pee.’ Tigress Melli said and suddenly disappeared.

Lisa sighed and pulled out her phone. ‘I hope you’re enjoying that tea you’re drinking before getting embroiled in more kinky orange haired English mischief! A certain hypnotist is going to get a text from me petitioning her to take away your duvet privileges.’ typed Lisa and pressed send.

She wandered over to the lobby entrance, looked out at the narrow view of the bay between the buildings and wondered what fresh hell she had let herself in for. She heard footsteps behind her was about to turn round when two hands grabbed her buttocks, gave them a firm squeeze and she let out a loud shriek.

‘I wasn’t expecting you to do that!’ said Lisa turning round.
The Princess must have given them a good squeeze on more than one occasion.’ laughed Melli cheekily.
‘She’s more inclined to spank asses than squeeze them.’ chuckled Lisa.
‘Among other things.’ snickered Melli smuttily.
‘You’re not wrong there!’ exclaimed Lisa.
‘She’s a bit inclined to put the kettle on first.’ answered Melli with a grin.
‘When I used to meet her for lunch it was always chicken soup. Three years on the trot we met for lunch and all she ate was chicken soup. For godsake girl, have a bloody sandwich!’ replied Lisa Doll, ‘I wouldn’t mind she’s got more fetishes than I’ve got hairs on my head and she can’t pick something else to eat.’
‘Well now she’s got a ghost fetish.’ Melli laughed.
Ghost fetish? You don’t mean all that supernatural sex magic business in Brooklyn?’ asked Lisa.
Brooklyn? No, I mean here in Nantucket. Bella and the Princess saw something on the internet and spent the weekend here while I was at a Shibari Convention in Tokyo.’ confessed Melli.
‘What happened!’ Lisa exclaimed.
‘I got hung upside down and became intimately acquainted with the full range of attachments for the hitachi magic wand. I also learned the Japanese for ‘Left a bit, right a bit’ and ‘Turn it off!’’ admitted Melli.
‘Tell me about it. I was once tied spread eagled to a banister with a turbo charged one shoved down my pants. It was in an old English country mansion so I was twenty feet above the ground. They had to use scaffolding to get me up there. There were mattresses all over the hallway below. They put plastic sheeting everywhere, then got me to drink rather a lot of water and pee on a scantily clad all girl polo team just for good measure. I still get free tickets to the Polo World Cup.’ finished Lisa taking a deep breath.
‘Have you ever been?’ asked Melli eagerly.
‘Only once.’ said Lisa sheepishly.
‘What happened!’ Melli pressed her.
‘I found out that when an entire polo team spanks you with their riding gloves on you can’t sit down for a week. I went through three bottles of mouth wash to get rid of the taste of riding jodhpurs.’ replied Lisa wrinkling up her nose.
‘Well I’m sure it’s not the worst thing you’ve ever had in your mouth!’ howled Melli.
‘Let’s not go there!!!’ said Lisa with alarm.
‘Thought about it though, didn’t you!’ said Melli mischievously and went outside.
Lisa shook her head thought about it again, laughed, grinned and then followed Tigress Melli outside.

The hazy sky was darker and a slight breeze was throwing sand around the cobbles. Apart from the slow squeak of the painted signs that hung from the buildings there was no other sound.

‘What are you doing Tigress Melli Miss?’ said Lisa finding Melli stood silently outside in the middle of the street.
Ghost hunting. You’re doing it too.’ replied Melli not turning round. ‘Those doors were shut when I got here, I know I tried them.’ said Melli in a serious tone and then suddenly grabbed Lisa by the wrist and stomped decisively towards the open pair of double doors in the building directly opposite.
‘But I don’t want to have sex with a ghost.’ said Lisa with alarm.
‘You don’t know unless you try.’ said Melli going through the doors and pulling Lisa in after her.



They found themselves in an old deconsecrated church which was filled the smell of those little air fresheners the shape of pine trees. This particular one had been pulled apart brick by brick and transported from a small seaside village in England. The residents have opened their first contemporary style coffee shop and subsequently been using the word latte in everyday conversation at a level that is not considered acceptable in other parts of the free world.

When Lisa had seen the large circular exterior she had mistakenly assumed it was the town hall. It was even more unnervingly quiet than the rest of Nantucket. As with the Spouter Inn, there were lots of pictures of sailing ships on the walls, some of them caught in a horrific struggle with a sperm whale. On the opposite side of the nave from altar was a large pulpit in the shape of the prow of a ship. Lisa had to look at it twice before realising what it was there for. It had obviously been added since the churches arrival in Nantucket and there had been some radical surgery to the architecture to accommodate it.

‘Come out, come out you sexy little poltergeists where ever you are.’ said Tigress Melli at the top of her voice as she strolled down the aisle.
‘Don’t say that!’ protested Lisa unable to stop herself laughing.
‘Why not? I’m sure they’re desperate to get their hands on some living flesh and have a good feel.’ reasoned Melli with a smutty grin.
‘I can see why you married Belinda.’ said Lisa with a chuckle.
‘What’s that supposed to mean? It’s not like the Princess is an entirely rational human being. One day she’s going to turn round and say ‘I’ve decided to become Napoleon and the outfit I’ve picked is entirely made of rubber.’’ retorted Melli.
‘The scary thing with her is she actually puts half of her crazy schemes into action. She still hasn’t managed to run off with Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks yet though.’ Lisa replied.
‘Whenever Bella and her get together they can talk the hind legs off at ostrich.’ Melli said ruefully.
‘Giant drumsticks for tea then Miss?’ tittered Lisa.
‘We’re going to need a really big bucket of barbeque dipping sauce. All I can seem to think about is eating them in the nude with no napkins.’ said Tigress Melli deep in thought.
‘You never stop Miss!’ said Lisa laughing.
‘I wonder if this place has a kitchen.’ Tigress Melli mused outloud and promptly disappeared.
‘Every time!’ sighed Lisa becoming used to Melli’s continuous spontaeneous perambulations.

Left to her own devices Lisa wandered around absently looking at the large moody nautical paintings and somehow ended up behind the altar gazing up at an enormous garish painting of sperm whale being harpooned.

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

‘No wonder Moby Dick was so bloody grumpy.’ mused Lisa loudly, ‘I’d be upset if I had a ruddy great harpoon shoved where the sun don’t shine!’

Lisa turned on her heel and found herself looking at the altar out at the rows and rows of empty pews.
‘Ladies and gentlemen we’re here to commemorate the life of Captain Ahab and his Moby Dick. A bitter twisted one legged son of a bitch who will be forever remembered as the twin brother of Gregory Peck. Not to mention that guy with all the tattoo’s who’s name I always forget.’ said Lisa in her best public speaking voice.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

‘Queeqeg! He’s called Queeqeg!’ came a voice loudly from the kitchen that was clearly in the middle of making sandwiches.
‘Okay, keep your knickers on!’ said Lisa so quickly it quite surprised her.
‘That’s the first time I’ve ever been told that.’ retorted Tigress Melli from the kitchen.
‘Are you totally sure? There’s must be some days Belinda’s got a headache in between being a voracious love beast.’ chuckled Lisa.
‘I’ll tell her you said that!’ shouted Tigress Melli right back.
‘Don’t! Last time I got a spanking off Bella, I couldn’t sit down for a week and a half and little bit more on top of that!’ replied Lisa rubbing her behind involuntarily.
HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME YOU LITTLE GLASWEGIAN TROLLOP!’ bellowed Tigress Melli in a perfect Belinda Z in charge voice.
Help!’ yelped Lisa and hid behind the altar.
‘That’s what the Princess would say whenever we played Nurses!’ laughed Tigress Melli.
‘I’m not bloody surprised.’ said Lisa Doll peeking out from underneath the altar cloth.
‘She has a phobia of the entire profession thanks to you two!’ said Lisa feeling silly and standing up.
‘I know.’ said Tigress Melli and emerged carrying an enormous plate of sandwiches.

Melli sat down on the front pew and Lisa sat down on the floor in front of her.
‘You found the kitchen Melli Miss?’ chuckled Lisa and grabbed a sandwich from the large platter.
‘You can say that again. There were so many different sandwich fillings that I thought I’d died and gone to Scooby Doo.’ chuckled Melli grabbing a sandwich for herself and nomming it down unrepentantly.
Melli!’ said Lisa in a hugely convincing Scooby voice,‘My bum hole would have stayed in one piece if it hadn’t been for you pesky Nurses!’ continued Lisa in such an accurate impersonation of the Princess that it made Melli spit out her sandwich with laughter.

Lisa Doll

‘I wish Bella could have heard that she’d have wet her knickers just like I did!’ cried Melli with tears of laughter.
‘It’s the freezing cold nights in Glasgow you have to have a helluva sense of humour to cope. That and a good supply of thermal underwear and a gazillion layers of socks.’ quipped Lisa in full flow.
‘I can see why you get on with the Princess.’ laughed Tigress Melli and grabbed another sandwich, which dropped its innards everywhere as she picked it up.
The Princess is one of the few people who can put up with me. She’s calm, level headed and totally nuts!’ said Lisa failing to keep a straight face.
‘She just needs a good anal probing that’ll sort her out.’ said Melli and there was an unholy shriek of laughter from Lisa Doll.
‘I can’t take that ten inch strap on right now, I have to put the kettle on.’ said Lisa and this time it was Melli who made an ungodly noise.
‘Thank God this is an deconsecrated church or we’d be bound for hell for sure.’ said Melli recovering.
‘Me and the Princess will be sat in the front row making toast.’ laughed Lisa.
‘I think I’ll join you. I’ll text Bella, she can bring jam and crumpets!’ snickered Melli.
‘The four of us unsupervised in Hell, imagine that!’ laughed Lisa.
‘We’d get kicked out.’ Tigress Melli tittered.

Somewhere in the building a door slammed shut with an echoing clatter.
Ghosts!’ exclaimed Melli, standing up suddenly and throwing the plate of sandwiches flying.
‘Are you really sure its ghosts Miss?’ said Lisa standing up and brushing bits of salad and grated cheese from herself.
Scantily clad ghosts who are gagging for it!’ Melli declared and impulsively went off on the hunt.
‘At least the Princess used to sit down occasionally.’ said Lisa rolling her eyes, then turned to follow her but found she was nowhere to be seen.

Lisa began checking the different doors finding most of them locked. She found herself once again looking up at a large pictures of a gruesome whaling scenes.
‘I don’t know why I keep looking at these bloody awful pictures.’ muttered Lisa to herself.
‘There’s a sex mad ghost in here somewhere.’ said Melli Tigress making Lisa jump to find her standing right behind her.

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Lisa turned round exasperatedly to find Melli darting from one side of the nave to the other before disappearing into another doorway. She found herself looking directly at the vast wooden pulpit in the shape of the prow of a ship. Up the steps just behind the pulpit itself was a door.
Tigress Melli Miss, I think I know where the sound came from.’ she said croakily knowing that there would be no response.

Lisa Doll was unable to tear her gaze away from the vast pulpit and she had an unpleasant sensation in her stomach that told her that her intuition was right. She started walking towards the pulpit and concluded to herself that she had made wiser decisions.
There was a little sign flashing in Lisa’s head that said ‘Perhaps I should go do something else. Something not involving ghosts, the undead or absolutely anything like that whatsoever.’ As she stepped onto the wooden steps of the pulpit a fire alarm went off to accompany the sign.
When she reached the top of the stairs she thought she heard sirens and half expected firemen to dash into the building any second. Then she started thinking about her large number of firemen fantasies and that seemed to take the edge off.

Lisa reached the top of the stairs and was shocked when she knocked over half a dozen beer bottles. All bearing the legend ‘Nantucket Bucket, the Beer For Salty Sea Dogs.
One of the bottles was half empty and beer began to drip down the steps and making Lisa feel guilty for making a mess. All inside the pulpit were racks of postcards, key rings and other bits of touristy objet d’art.
She looked up at the door she had spied from below. It bore the letters ‘Ye Olde Nantucket Gift Shoppe.’ As she stepped towards it, Lisa looked down at the rows of pews hoping that Tigress Melli had popped her head out, but there was no sign of her. She gingerly gave the door a push and found it wasn’t locked. Nervously she stepped inside.
The small gift shop had been turned upside down. Anything that was edible, drinkable or wearable had been ransacked. There were beer bottles and half eaten candy bars scattered all over the floor. Lisa realised she had stepped in something wet and moved her foot to find a black and red pair of knickers bearing the words ‘I Had My Main brace Spliced aboard the Pequod.’ At that precise moment the gift shop door crashed open and in burst Tigress Melli.
‘What the bloody hell are you doing!’ exclaimed Lisa finally snapping.
‘Look what I found!’ chirped Melli completely unperturbed pointing at a baseball cap that read ‘I saw Captain Ahab’s Moby Dick.’ that was now on her head.
Gregory Peck is spinning in his grave!’ groaned Lisa.
‘Perhaps he’s come back to haunt Nantucket!’ said Melli with complete conviction.
Ghosts don’t wear novelty underwear Miss.’ answered Lisa Doll with her arms crossed.
‘He was in a film called Moby Dick about a giant white whale named after sperm. You can’t tell me he didn’t have a sense of humour!’ replied Melli defensively.
‘I think Gregory Peck would draw the line at tasteless smutty merchandise Miss.’ said Lisa Doll not believing she was having this conversation.
‘Perhaps they’re ghostly Gregory Peck groupies!’ thought Melli aloud.
‘Who like double entendres obviously!’ snorted Lisa.
‘Somewhere in this harbour there’s a ghostly half dressed nymphet eating a Nantucket Sperm Burger and I wanna meet her!’ said Melli with gusto and darted off down the stairs and out the door.
‘I think I preferred being tied up for a living.’ said Lisa and ran down the steps after her.

Lisa Doll followed the rapidly moving figure of Tigress Melli onto the bay. For the first time Lisa realised there were two lighthouses on the Brant Point skyline. Although she had nothing against lighthouses she did think it was a bit excessive.



Tigress Melli

Up ahead she could see the dock, the three tall sailing ships lying side by side and the beckoning figure of Tigress Melli stood by the nearest one. Across from the dock was an old period warehouse which reminded her of parts of Glasgow. Except in Glasgow everything was slate grey. Tigress Melli nipped inside to go for a pee and Lisa stood waiting for her.


‘Which ship would a love hungry poltergeist be on?’ said Tigress Melli when she finally returned.
‘I have absolutely no idea Tigress Melli Miss. I wouldnt know a bow from a backside.’ said Lisa testily.
‘I’m sure you could make an educated guess.’ laughed Melli.

Tigress Melli and Lisa Doll

‘They’re big when you get up close, as the actress said to the bishop.’ Lisa remarked.
‘I know where you got that line from.’ laughed Melli.
The Princess isn’t here so I had to say it for her.’ retorted Lisa.
From behind them came an almighty splash as one of the anchors was unexpectedly dropped, quickly followed by loud drunken female laughter.
That’s our ghost!’ yelled Melli and turned round.
The letters on the stern clearly read ‘Pequod’, Melli immediately dashed off looking for somewhere to climb aboard.


Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

‘Why can’t I meet someone who sits down for five minutes. At least the Princess would stop moving when she was eating her bloody chicken soup.’ said Lisa out loud and hurried off after Melli.

As they boarded the Pequod with trepidation the drunken female laughter fell into silence. The ship was modern replica of the vessel used in the Gregory Peck movie. As they explored they came across framed photographs and artefacts from the film. A sailors hat, a waistcoat, an autographed page of the script, a worn pair of shoes, a coffee cup that Gregory himself had drunk from. The ship looked both old fashioned and new.
They went below had a poke around, nosed around the stores and tried out the hard wooden benches at the breakfast table. Demanded to be fed in jolly sailor voices and said ‘Yar’ loudly rather alot.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Tigress Melli

Tigress Melli Princess_Indigo-4-26-2013-22-29-49-130

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Resigning themselves to not finding their quarry they decided to leave. They returned to deck and were about to clamber down the way they had come when they were met by the same drunken laughter as before. They turned towards the direction of the noise and made their way towards the top deck. Down the steps came the rowdy sound of two female voices singing the theme song from Shaft.
Climbing upwards they discovered two ghostly women propped up on the bow in fancy dress pirate costumes surrounded by more empty bottles of beer. The two ghosts had stolen a badminton set from the gift shop and the apparition with black hair was throwing up shuttle cocks while her curly red haired companion was swatting at them rather ineptly with a badminton racket.


‘Shuttle cock!’ exclaimed the first and threw another up in the air.
‘That’s a cock and a half.’ proclaimed the other as the shuttlecock went over side and dropped into the waters of the bay below.
‘We’ve got company!’ yelled the first straightening up drunkenly and burping loudly.
‘They can’t come in.’ shouted the second and dropped the badminton racket on the deck with a belligerent clatter.
‘They’re already here, tell Adam West to get his batpants on there could be trouble.’ cried the first confirming once and for all that these weren’t nineteenth century ghosts.
‘What the rubbery fuck do you want?’ said the ghost with curly red hair opening another bottle of beer, having an unrepentant guzzle and burping even louder than before.
‘I’ve been dragged halfway round the world by this one, you’ll have to ask her.’ said Lisa sheepishly.
‘Blame Bella and the Princess, I am an innocent bystander.’ retorted Tigress Melli cheekily.
‘Her with the orange hair and the duvet grinding obsession?’ said the first ghost moving her hips inappropriately and making crude groans.
‘That’s the one.’ said Lisa ruefully.
‘The other ones got this amazing long black mane down to her ass, crazy eye makeup and goes like a rollercoaster on crack.’ said the second ghost making her own rude gestures and noises.
‘That’s definitely Bella!’ laughed Melli.
‘Well you better have a beer and get your knickers off then!’ the two ghosts shouted back at them and laughed drunkenly.

Lisa Doll Tigress Melli and Charlotte

Lisa Doll was drunk and dancing with a ghost called Charlotte. Lisa had always associated the name with posh very femme brunettes with long frilly dresses. The girl from the classic 80’s flake advert was definitely a Charlotte.

Lisa Doll and Charlotte
This particular Charlotte shattered the illusion entirely. Her friend Melissa currently making out lusty with Tigress Melli nicknamed her Charlotte Rampant and it wasn’t far from the truth. Charlotte was very drunk, very forward, very horny and Lisa was loving every minute of it. Lisa’s head was swimming and she felt like she was kissing a bottle of beer with eight arms.

Lisa Doll and Charlotte
Charlotte was definitely a good kisser. She pulled back from smearing ghostly red lipstick all over Lisa’s face and burped loudly and Lisa got a full on boozy whiff of her breath. As Charlotte had had her tongue down Lisa’s throat for the last half hour she was kind of used to it by then.

Melli and Melissa

Melli and Melissa

Lisa and Charlotte

Melli and Melissa

Lisa And Charlotte

‘I need beer!’ said Charlotte loudly and fell over.
‘Are you okay Charlotte Miss?’ said Lisa in a concerned voice, tottering around drunkenly herself.
‘I’m exactly where I want to be. Horizontal!’ laughed Charlotte and grabbed at Lisa’s ankles pulling her over, causing Charlotte and Melissa to howl with laughter.
As Charlotte hastily began to divest Lisa of her sailors trousers, the recipient of this treatment had an unexpected flashback of seeing the all female grunge band L7 drop their jeans on live tv while playing there big hit ‘Pretend That We’re Dead’. As Charlotte put her head between Lisa’s legs, Lisa got an attack of the giggles. Which only acted as encouragement to Charlotte, who promptly pushed her finger up Lisa’s ass, making her shriek.
There was a thud behind them as Melissa pushed Melli over with a hearty shove and collapsed clumsily on top of her. Several open bottles of beer had been knocked over in the process and slowly began to spread their contents across the deck. Both Lisa and Melli began to feel beer slowly soaking into their hair and clothes adding to the boozy anarchy of it all.
Fuck!’ said Lisa in dizzy disbelief and came very hard in Charlotte’s mouth.

Lisa woke up in a pool of beer and tottered to her feet to see Tigress Melli getting dressed. Lisa looked around and realised her trousers and Charlotte were nowhere to be found.
‘They’ve gone. I think those are yours.’ said Melli with a giggle.
Lisa looked down to find her underwear sat in the middle of the pool of beer not far from where she had been lying.
‘I have the overwhelming urge not to put them on! I might need to find some new trousers before I go back to Glasgow.’ said Lisa looking down at her naked legs.
‘I think I know where they went.’ laughed Melli and pointed upwards at Lisa’s trousers flying from the highest mast.
Sex mad ghosts with a sense of humour.’ grinned Lisa and shook her head.
There was a double chuckle of laughter and two pairs of hands pinched Lisa’s beer soaked ass. A hand she recognised as Charlotte’s gave her right cheek a slap and then they were gone.
‘I’m just going to have to drive my car half naked back to the airport and hope they’re open minded when I get on the plane.’ said Lisa loudly with a sarcastic grin.
‘There’s some fresh staff uniforms in the stores. There’s also a shower and towels down there. I’m going to give my rubber outfit a rinse then have a look round the bay and see if I can find anything else to eat to help me sober up.’ said Melli and disappeared below deck.

Lisa had a long self indulgent shower and found herself a clean version of the outfit she had arrived in. When she went up on deck she saw Melli disappearing into the warehouse opposite the harbour and went down to join her.

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll


Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

When Lisa finally found her Melli was still quite drunk and so was Lisa for that matter. Both of them had a fit of giggles from being in a replica of a sperm oil factory. It was Tigress Melli’s fault, of the four of them Melli was the smuttiest by far with Belinda Z coming a rambunctious second. Inbetween the sudden outbreak of fondling and groping Melli would pipe up with ‘I don’t fancy the Sperm Oil stir fry in the canteen.’ or ‘I don’t trust that Nantucket suntan lotion.’
If Belinda Z had been there it would have been far worse. Whenever her and Melli were being smutty together they would always drag the royal family into the conversation. Lisa would always thank her lucky stars she was Scottish.

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli

Lisa Doll and Tigress Melli
‘Neither of us are fit to drive we’ll have to stay the night.’ said Tigress Melli and was about to make a concerted effort to divest Lisa of her clothes when Lisa’s phone rang.
‘These aren’t my trousers, where is the bloody thing?’ said Lisa after she patted her pockets and found them empty.

Melli responded by unzipping the front of her latex outfit all the way past her navel reached down and pulled out Lisa’s ringing phone.
‘I rescued it from the river of beer and put it somewhere safe. I’m not telling you where I put your car keys.’ said Melli with a titter and Lisa grabbed the phone.
In return Melli grabbed Lisa and proceeded to grope her mercilessly as she answered the call.
‘We haven’t finished yet!’ said Lisa at the sound of Princess Indigo’s voice on the other side of the Atlantic.
‘Say hello to Charlotte for me!’ laughed the Princess.
‘Trust you to end up with bloody Charlotte!’ exclaimed Lisa loudly, ‘Never mind bloody nurses, Charlotte’s an entire hospital on her own.’
Tigress Melli laughed and gave Lisa’s thighs a firm squeeze with both hands, making her giggle.
‘That’s nothing, ask Melli about the cows!’ yelled the Princess back at her.
‘Cows!’ said Lisa in shock, ‘I thought I’d heard it all.’
‘Not real ones!’ laughed Melli, ‘Bella made us outfits. Me and the Princess took lots of pictures.’
‘You mean there’s a picture somewhere of you dressed in a cow costume! Why?’ said Lisa down the phone in comical disbelief.
‘I’m not sure but it seemed to involve going ‘Moo’ an awful lot. I’m sure Bella could rustle you up an outfit.’ replied the Princess laughing.
‘That’s not going to work. I’m from Scotland, which means I’d end up with a Highland cattle one. Bella and Melli would just make jokes about me having a big horn and I wouldn’t get any mooing down at all.’ protested Lisa.
‘Guilty!’ yelled Melli raucously, loud enough for the Princess to hear.
‘Still if there’s nothing on the telly when I get back to Glasgow I might pop over to Paris and give it a go.’ laughed Lisa.
‘I think that’s an excellent idea!’ said Tigress Melli and pulled down Lisa’s trousers, ‘Charlotte missed a bit.’
‘Come and see me when you get back.’ said the Princess.
‘I haven’t even got on the plane yet.’ said Lisa with an added moan as Melli went down on her. ‘There better not be any cow costumes involved.’ she said between gasps.
‘I have the strange urge to dress up as kangaroo but it’ll pass.’ replied the Princess.
‘Ok I’ll see you in London but I draw the line at kangaroos!’ said Lisa turning off her phone so she could watch Tigress Melli finish her dinner.


thronefootrest1 copy

             Incident at La Feria

                     by princess indigo

     Princess Indigo had reached the gate to take her all the way from Benito Juarez International Airport to London Heathrow and found herself stopping and turning round.

     She had just spent several days dressed in various kinds of rubber, stood under the stunning Umbrella Fountain and posing in front of many other artefacts at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Chapultepec Park, for a new Latin American fetish website. Mexico City was far too tiring after such a long shoot and she had decided not to do any sightseeing and just go home.

     Something she recognised but couldn’t name had pulled at a part of her and she found herself unable to leave. A strange darker shade of a feeling she knew very well, awakening something dark of her own deep inside her that would not go to sleep.

     It was 1:30am and the pale orange yellow light of the city added a glow to the kitchen of this old art deco apartment in La Condesa. Through the open balcony window it was possible to see the Parque Mexico, a dark shape cut into the sparkling lights of the city night.

     There not far from the balcony window where she had entered, stood the motionless naked form of the princess. She had stood in the middle of the kitchen waiting for the inevitable to happen on this hot summer’s night. Then it came, the sound of someone stirring from their bed in need of a glass of water. The young woman was startled to find a naked transgender stranger stood in her kitchen.

     ‘Who are you!’ she said in Spanish, ‘What do you want here?’ the princess not looking up.

     ‘Answer Me!’ said the young latino woman, finding herself drawn to woman in spite of her fear.

     There was still no response from the princess who stood there silently not looking up. The young woman continued to be drawn further and further towards her, against every instinct that she had. At last she stood directly in front of the princess, transfixed by the beautiful English face, its eyes firmly shut.

     The woman reached up nervously in a long slow movement and touched the princess naked shoulder and shook it as gently as she could. The princess eyes snapped open revealing two bright electric blue circles in her shadowed face. The princess opened her mouth wide, hissed and then sank her sharp fangs into the neck of the young woman as hard as she could. The woman’s inert body fell to the ground and the blood covered princess leapt from the twelfth storey balcony into the street below.

     Whatever was pulling at her, drew the princess west. The street was far from empty. A few of the braver men that out that late approached her. Seeing her naked form was covered in blood and that she was in no mood to trifled with they quickly fled. In her agitated state she wandered erratically until she turned onto Juan Escutia heading northwest towards the enormous Chapultepec Park, where she had done her photo shoot.

     One of her more civic minded erstwhile suitors had phoned the nearby Hospital San Angel Inn. An ambulance found her, followed her for a short way before pulling up. Soon there were two paramedics lying in the gutter near the DRGN skate shop as princess indigo turned onto Avenida Constituyentes. She found herself looking through the iron railings of Chapultepec Park into the dark trees beyond as she drove along.

     The call inside her grew stronger and she pressed her bare foot on the warm accelerator pedal, chipping the tailgate of a taxi as she went past; frightening the driver as he leaned out of his open window to curse her. Simply glowering at him, driving naked, covered in blood was enough to make him pullover and say a great many Hail Marys.

     The pull became a bright beacon in the night and when she saw a sign for La Feria de Chapultepec Magico she knew she was close to her destination. In a few short minutes the ambulance was crashing through the tolls booths that stood in front of great yellow entrance with its large plastic rainbow on the top, the word ‘La Feria’ lit up in pink neon.

     By the time she saw a dark figure waiting for her by among the burrito booths and children’s rides she was travelling at such a high speed that the ambulance jack knifed when she slammed on the brakes. It rolled over three times and made a mess of the merry-go-round. An angry confused English vampire kicked out the windshield of the ambulance and clambered out, in a far from happy mood.

     The lights of the La Feria de Chapultepec Magico lit up one by one and latin fairground music from a dozen different sources began to play. The battered merry-go-round began to turn, casting off the wreck of an ambulance. As the princess stood up, the dark figure approached and the air was filled with foreboding, an atmosphere that raised the English vampire’s hackles and made her growl.

     It was an unholy sound that would have made a grown man whimper but the dark figure continued to approach her not missing a single proud step. Even in this extreme state princess indigo now recognised the scent and the silhouette of the supremely confident Woman who walked towards her. The silver collar appeared around the princess neck and began to glow furiously. Yet there was something in the Woman’s manner that she did not recognise. The dark thing in the princess growled even deeper as the inconsistency became more apparent the closer the dark Woman got.

     ‘Do not growl at Me you little English bitch.’ said the dark doppelganger wearing an uncharacteristic revealing silk red dress, Her voice instantly recognisable but Her tone and attitude was not.

     This did little to calm the vampire princess, whose growl became more menacing as the dark imperious Female form drew even closer.

     ‘I will not be contradicted!’ said snarled the dark Woman slapping the princess hard across the face, Her long black hair shining in the lights of the fairground.

     The princess bared her fangs and hissed back at the Woman who was so angered by the response that She grabbed the princess by the throat and lifted her two feet off the ground.

     ‘Do not bare your fangs at Me ever again, you rabid orange haired English whore.’ glowered the dark Woman in pure fury and threw the princess down onto the concrete.

     The princess leapt back to her feet and under normal circumstances would have leapt in rage at the figure before her. The familiar beautiful face and dark sensuous voice was the only thing that stopped her. The difference between what she saw and what she remembered confused her even more and denied the outlet to her anger.

     ‘Your dark side and Mine have met before princess indigo. Are you far too lost to the blood to remember!’ spat the dark Goddess at her.

     A memory deep inside the princess troubled mind seared into life and she remembered her dark self in a locked room, a familiar Woman speaking to her. A Woman with a soft sensuous voice. At the end of the conversation, the anger inside the princess dark half had flared and a different tone of voice had spoken to her. The lights had gone out and a name was said in the darkness, a very powerful name.

     ‘Vox!’ hissed the princess, ‘You put a spell on me! A dark twisted incantation. Scratched Your name onto the dark part of my soul. Remove it! Remove it now!’ shouted the princess.

     Vox stepped right up towards the princess until she was inches away from her face. In a swift movement, Vox reached up and put her fingers in the princess hair, made a fist and twisted her hand sharply. The princess let out a terrifying yell.

     ‘Do not give Me orders you orange haired English sow!’ shouted Vox even louder, bending the princess head back. ‘I am your Superior in every single way! I will not be countermanded by anyone, especially a little harlot of a princess like you!’ Vox twisted her fist further making the princess scream.

     Releasing Her grip and then closing it again Vox Siren grabbed the ends of the princess long tresses and began to drag her screaming and kicking towards the large Montana Infinitum ride. Once it had been the world’s first ever rollercoaster with three vertical loops. The ride had travelled the world and now was ending its days at the Chapultepec Magico.

     ‘Get off me! Get off me!’ the princess was yelling as Vox Siren pushed open the green metal gate and dragged her toward the waiting blue rollercoaster cars. The more she protested the harder Vox Siren pulled.

     Hanging from the hand rail and footplate of the long nose shaped front carriage were four lengths of rope. Within a short time the princess was tied spread eagled across the front carriage. There was an awful lot of complaining and considerable force had to be used.

     ‘You planned all this!’ shouted the princess, her naked English body dripping with sweat in the summer’s heat.

     ‘Of course I did, you stupid little English bitch!’ shouted Vox Siren back at her, then stepped over to the control panel, switched the rollercoaster to its very highest setting and climbed in.

     The generator made a screeching noise as it started up, not liking being set so high on such a hot night as this. The five blue rollercoaster cars began to wind their round the long yellow circles gathering more and more momentum with each moment.

      Vox Siren sat directly behind the princess so she could hear every protest and scream that came from her little English mouth. Giving the princess long orange hair a good hard yank every time the rollercoaster plunged suddenly. Rattling round the large yellow metal circles that let the rollercoaster gather up speed. Round the three loop the loops they went, the Mexico City skyline churning over and over.

     The princess senses were overloaded. The roaring sound of the rollercoaster and churning city lights were beginning to make her sick and she could no longer take in all the different sensations that bombarded her.

     The only thing the princess could make sense of was the smell of burning and that the metal of the rollercoaster had begun to feel hot. The princess realised that Vox had set fire to the rollercoaster cars which blazed with fury as they span faster and faster on.

     Behind her sat Vox in the centre of the flames, immune to the heat and laughing more and more. A dozen times the rollercoaster cars traversed the ride, when they finally came to a stop the whole of Montana Infinitum was ablaze.

     Vox climbed out and menacingly approached the princess, who struggled feebly in her bonds. There was a demonic look in Vox eyes as She laid Herself down on the hot metal beside the helpless English body.

     ‘Say a prayer you little bitch.’     hissed Vox into the princess ear, bared Her own fangs and sank them as far into the princess neck as they would go, making her scream so loud the howl could be heard above the roaring flames.

     Fresh blood poured all down the princess naked body and onto the hot metal beneath her. Deeper and deeper Vox Siren drank, Her own face covered in the princess blood. Not until the princess was almost unconscious did she finally stop, looking down and laughing unrepentantly at what she had done.

     Vox cut down the princess with a long ornamental blade, a large red jewel set in the widest part of the steel. Then She sent the carriages off on a final ride to their fiery doom.

     Vox Siren hauled the princess away by her hair, only releasing Her iron grip when they were clear of the flames. The princess stood up shakily meeting the Siren’s gaze, the burning Infinitum matching the fire in Vox’s eyes. Blood was still flowing from the princess neck and she could barely stand.

     ‘I have broken you indigo. The dark self that lives inside the body of the princess belongs to Me. I am your Empress, now bow down before Me and kneel at My feet where you belong!’ said Vox Siren in the most commanding voice the princess had ever heard.

     ‘Forgive me Empress Vox.’ said the princess falling to her knees, tears of blood running down her face as she kissed the boot of the dark mysterious Woman who had broken her and collapsed.

     Vox knelt down beside the princess prostrate body, scratching a small wound in Her left wrist and pushing it roughly against the princess half open mouth.

     ‘Drink you little English bitch and be grateful for every drop.’ said Vox Siren forcefully as the princess weakly bared her teeth and bit into the wrist that was offered her, drinking more and more deeply as strength returned to her embittered body.

     When the princess relinquished her bite, Vox pulled Her arm away in a manner that conveyed it would not be offered again and rose majestically to Her feet.

     ‘Rise My servant.’ Vox commanded in a voice of pure steel, and the princess rose to her feet as if she had been given a jolt of electricity, ‘Come My dark princess, well shall feast on this city before the dawn.’

     The beguiling Empress Vox Siren led Her dark princess to a sleek black

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4  and drove away into the night as La Feria de Chapultepec burned to the ground.


Goodnight Moon



starring Hypnotic Haylee



written by princess indigo



Goodnight Moon is a fantasy adventure series inspired by Hypnotic Haylee. Combining Her ever burgeoning world with the personal creative work of Her devoted pet princess indigo.


                            Goodnight Moon: The House on Gordon Square Part One


              A large pale wolf’s moon hung over London. The sky was clear and a deep unfettered blue covered the old city. It was a busy night, the warm air bringing throngs of people out from their usual hiding places.


     As she often found herself doing these days, Princess Indigo glanced out of the first floor window of her house on Gordon Square to find a black Gothic carriage drawn by two raven black horses parked on the far opposite side of the square.


     The solid silver collar around her neck became visible once more and glowed brightly. Telling her it wasn’t just a messenger this time, causing a small burst of fireworks in the centre of the Princess chest.


     She showered hurriedly, pulled something black expensive silk and short from her wardrobe. Almost forgetting she whirled round and pulled a long narrow black bag from underneath her bed then stood it by the doorway ready for her imminent departure. Followed by two minutes of agonising indecision about what shoes to wear. She picked a pair of platforms, grabbed the narrow bag, put on some black lipstick and smiled at the reason why as she galloped down the stairs to greet her visitors.



     A lot had happened since her first encounter with Goddess Haylee in Brooklyn. Whether it was Milan, Moscow or Madagascar. On a photo shoot, a domination session, or on the way to visit Lisa Doll or the others, whenever the Princess was travelling something would happen. She never knew what, when or for how long.


     Sometimes there would just be a footstep in the room next door, a letter H spray painted on a hotel lobby wall. Then some days she would be in an elevator to find Goddess Haylee standing next to her. More often than not she would be in a luxury hotel bed curled up with her duvet, a familiar disembodied voice would fill the room and the collar around her neck would begin to glow in the darkness. Then she would lose herself entirely to the hypnotic, spellbinding voice that filled her mind.


     One morning she had awoken, drawn her curtains and to her shock seen a familiar dark figure in the small park opposite her London home. She ran downstairs in her robe and training shoes only to find the figure gone and the word ‘Soon’ carved into the park bench nearest to where the Goddess had been standing. That is how it had begun.



             Gordon Square was in the heart of Bloomsbury, one of many Georgian squares in the district, with a park in the centre. Near the British Museum, the ground floors of its building are covered in white, with fake white columns and divisions running along the higher storeys of these old houses. Complete with iron railings, old fashioned street lamps and trees two centuries old.


     The Princess had been drawn to bohemian Bloomsbury history via the film Carrington. Rather than the tragic story of Dora Carrington it was Jonathan Pryce’s portrayal of the writer Lytton Strachey that she had fallen in love with. This handsome, acerbic, difficult, relentlessly sarcastic, effeminate man, with his rounded spectacles, huge bushy beard, labyrinth of a brain and caustic wit had been irresistible.


     The Princess had immersed herself in the biographies of the Bloomsbury group, and the mutual lovers that were part of Carrington’s and Strachey’s unconventional union. When one of her more wealthy slaves had said he owned a property in Bloomsbury she made him an offer he could’nt refuse.


     Only after she had moved in had she discovered that Lytton Strachey had lived at number 51 Gordon Square and from then on she always glanced at the front door affectionately whenever she went by. ‘I once proposed to Virginia Woolf,’ Lytton had famously remarked, ‘I was terrified she was going to say yes.’


     At first Goddess Haylee began to appear in Gordon Square at random intervals on Her own. As these fleeting visits continued, the Goddess started to arrive with servants, companions and devotees. All the while the Princess began to fall deeper and deeper under Goddess Haylee’s bewitching spell. Then one bright early frosty morning Goddess Haylee had appeared with Her black carriage, and a full entourage of fifty or sixty acolytes of various description.



  Leaving the house as quickly as her shoes would allow, the Princess slammed the door behind her, paused only to run her hand over the bonnet of her purple Rolls Royce and crossed the road walked hurriedly to the wrought iron gates and entered the park.


     Goddess Haylee stood there enigmatically waiting for her, as if all of London belonged to Her. Their eyes locked together as the Princess approached and the Goddess smiled deliciously as without a word the flame haired Englishwoman knelt at Her feet.


     ‘I have missed you, my Goddess.’ the Princess said breathlessly with her head bowed and kissed the feet in front of her.


     ‘Rise My sweet princess, let Me look at you.’ said the soft seductive voice of the Goddess in the warm evening air, all resplendent in a long gown of lace and silk, Her long black hair shining in the moonlight.


     The princess rose, slowly lifted her gaze and looked deep into the glowing green eyes of Goddess Haylee who looked her up and down with a smile.


     ‘London…’ said Goddess Haylee, ‘so many different faces…an old place and an old heart. It has seen many things.’ said the Goddess suggestively.


          ‘It is full of old souls.’ replied the princess, her eyes still fixed on those of Goddess Haylee and they held each other’s gaze silently for several minutes without a word.   


     ‘I see you have completed the errand I sent you on.’ Goddess Haylee spoke breaking their mutual reverie, ‘What did it cost you?’


     ‘A favour.’ replied the princess with a small immodest smile.


     ‘Explain.’ Goddess Haylee said slowly with a mischievous smile of Her own.


     The princess stepped forward and turned her head slightly to the right, shifting her long hair of flame and revealing a love bite on her neck. Goddess Haylee beckoned with Her index finger and the princess drew even closer.


     The Goddess reached up, brushed the princess hair over her shoulder, then ran Her fingers slowly over the mark on the princess neck. There was a heavy exhale of pleasure from the princess mouth and her little English heart hammered in her chest as Goddess Haylee slowly and deliberately repeated the movement in a circular motion.


     Goddess Haylee closed Her eyes and reached into the princess mind. Glimpsing a palace in a city far far away, deep in an ancient forest. A regal bedchamber and a Queen divested of her usual finery, her mouth at the princess neck, two sets of wings trembling and a regal voice saying a name the Goddess did not recognise.


     ‘The Queen of the Fae…’ said Goddess Haylee with a heavy breath of Her own, Her fingers widening their touch reaching up to the most sensitive part of the princess neck causing the silver collar around it to become hot, ‘She said a name I have not heard you called before.’


     ‘I have known her in her different guises since I began my journey. Before I was even the princess…’ whispered the princess barely able to get the words out. ‘When Your name was mentioned she gave a quite particular smile.’


     ‘I’m sure she did.’ said Goddess Haylee with a particular smile of Her own and kissed the princess hard on the centre of her neck, showing no mercy to Her quarry.


     At last Goddess Haylee let Her possession go and she fell into Her arms, her eyes firmly shut, a helpless English girl whose heart was gone. There they stood for quite a time, Goddess Haylee gently rocking the princess in Her arms, savouring the moment and the weight of the English body against Her.


     ‘It is time for us to go.’ whispered Goddess Haylee into the princess ear, kissed her on the cheek and released her once more.


     ‘Ragriz, attend Me.’ said Goddess Haylee quietly as she smoothed down the princess hair with Her fingers and stroked it affectionately.


     The princess looked across the square to see Ragriz stood expectantly by the black carriage. Sat at the driver’s seat of the carriage was Boytoy Max whilst at the rear was Rodimus. Razgriz response to Goddess Haylee’s quiet words was instantaneous and he was quickly at his Goddess side.


     ‘Razgriz, take this box to Salvatore.’ Goddess Haylee commanded, gently lifting it from the princess shoulder, ‘Take it quickly from My hand. If I am tempted to look at it then I will not bear to part with it and that would defeat the purpose.’


     ‘Yes Goddess, i am here to serve and hang on Your every single word.’ Razgriz uttered with a bow and took the bag from his Goddess hand.


     ‘You will make your way to the Circle Line. No matter how long it takes, stay on it and wait for Salvatore. If he has not arrived when they close it stay by the Edgeware Road station entrance and wait for him.’


     ‘How will I know Salvatore, Goddess?’ replied Razgriz quickly putting the bag over his own shoulder.


     ‘Imagine if Tom Waits and Ron Perlman had made babies, that is Salvatore.’ was Goddess Haylee’s pertinent answer.


     ‘Yes Goddess, he will be hard to miss. I will fulfil Your commands to the letter. princess…’ he said with a nod and left forth with.




     ‘Come my sweet princess, I have planned a midnight feast and your presence is demanded.’ insisted Goddess Haylee.


     ‘I would be delighted Goddess.’ smiled the princess in the shy enamoured voice that Goddess Haylee always drew out of her.


     ‘I have a surprise for you before we eat. Come, follow.’ said Goddess Haylee starting towards Her carriage without waiting for the princess response.


     Two steps behind Her, the princess followed after the Goddess. She gave a nod and a smile to Boytoy Max and Rodimus as Goddess Haylee opened the door to Her carriage.


     From within came a billowing horizontal cloud of grey smoke. Which descended vertically to the ground and began to coalesce into a human shape. The features shifted through a variety of different faces until they almost perfectly resembled David Niven in a tuxedo.


     ‘Peter! You brought Peter!’ exclaimed the princess and gave Goddess Haylee a spontaneous hug.


     ‘Peter Smoke has business of his own in old London town.’ smiled Goddess Haylee, ‘Isnt that right Peter?’


     ‘Yes it is I’m afraid. There are rather a lot of people I owe money to and it’s about time I paid them back or they’re liable to get rather cross.’ he said in the that distinctive cut class voice, scratching himself behind the ear to cover his embarrassment.


     ‘I dont believe a word of it!’ laughed the princess.


     ‘Believe what you like! And how is the demimonde of Gordon Square?’ said Peter with a roguish tone in his voice.


     ‘All the better for the summers air and good company.’ said the princess, squeezed Goddess Haylee’s arm, kissed Her on the cheek and said ‘Thank You.’


     ‘You are most welcome My sweet one.’ said Goddess Haylee warmly. ‘Now get aboard My carriage as Peter has something he wishes to discuss with Me before we depart.’


     ‘Yes Goddess, goodbye Peter.’ said the princess and climbed aboard.


     Goddess Haylee took Peter Smokes arm and walked the two of them out of earshot.


     ‘I had a closer look as you asked.’ said Peter Smoke in a hushed voice.


     ‘And?’ asked the Goddess.


     ‘I studied her aura very closely, I could’nt see it before, but today with her guard down it was obvious. The princess has been to Hell, on more than one occasion.’ said Peter Smoke slowly. ‘I also caught a glimpse of something else. Which is the reason why You asked me in the first place, isn’t it?’


     ‘Perhaps.’ replied Goddess Haylee.


     ‘Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I know that song as well, except when I heard it, it wasn’t sung by Marilyn Manson.’ said Peter Smoke wryly.


     ‘Peter Smoke, hush.’ said Goddess Haylee touching his arm, ‘I will return with My princess just before twelve, and we will talk of lighter things.’



     Razgriz made his way to Euston Square tube station on onto the Circle Line. The station was busy with Londoners out enjoying the summers night and he found himself caught up in a river of people as he made his way down to the platform.  It was stuffy and far too frenetic for his taste. He concentrated hard on his mantra’s to his Goddess, and focused on his task. Running the instructions Goddess Haylee had given him round and round in his head. The Edgeware Road train arrived, the carriage was packed to the doors and he had to stand. As it pulled away, he sensed the mad history of London force its way slowly into his mind and felt its many faces inside the tube train with him. 



     The horses continued along Montague Street and turned a corner until they found somewhere suitable to come to a stop. In the shadow of the British Museum Goddess Haylee stepped out followed quickly by her princess.


     ‘Rodimus, here.’ said Goddess Haylee quickly, Rodimus hung his tricorn hat on its peg stepped down and was soon at Her side.


     ‘Yes Goddess?’ Rodimus enquired with a bow.


     ‘Seek out the handsome Foxavier in the places that I told you. Discover whether he can be of use to Us. Foxavier can be contrary, so you may have to ask him several times.’ said Goddess Haylee with a little sigh.


     ‘Yes Goddess, I will go immediately.’ replied Rodimus half turning to leave.


     ‘Wait. I haven’t finished.’ said Goddess Haylee raising a hand.


     ‘Sorry Goddess.’ said Rodimus turning back.


     ‘If his maker is there, not matter what she looks like do not refer to her as an angel, or she will most likely kill you. Their kind do not like to be called such. If she picks a quarrel with you leave, that is an order. Do you understand?’ said Goddess Haylee firmly.


     ‘Not entirely Goddess. I have heard of them, but I have never met one.’ said Rodimus unsettled.


     ‘They are are very dangerous Rodimus. I met this one before she took refuge with the Scholars. Though I know her handlers, she and I are not friends. The beguiling Foxavier is a different matter but he has a touch of his maker about him and is a contrary soul. She is older even than Salvatore, so be on your guard.’ answered Goddess Haylee.


     ‘Salvatore is older than the stars!’ exclaimed Rodimus.


     ‘Indeed he is.’ said Goddess Haylee with a wry smile.


     ‘I will heed your every word. Is there anything else before I depart?’ he asked.


     ‘One final thing. Tell Foxavier the object he is searching for is now in my possession.’ was her final word and then Rodimus departed into the shadows.



     With a wave of Her hand Goddess Haylee conjured a steaming cup of tea and took it over to Boytoy Max who sat in the driver’s seat of the Carriage.


     ‘A little Sophorin tea for your trouble my sweet puppy. I have errands to run before our little feast, so enjoy your rest while you can and catch up on your reading. If time allows you may go off on your own and explore the bookshops tomorrow. ’


     ‘Thank you Mistress Haylee. ’ replied Max, ‘I have a couple of novels stashed in my pockets which will keep me more than occupied.’


     ‘I thought so.’ said Goddess Haylee with a chuckle. ‘Come my sweet princess, we have things to do before we feast.’ She beckoned and the two of them departed leaving Boytoy Max to his tea and his books.


     High above on the roof of the building opposite a female silhouette slowly beat it vast wings. Closer inspection would have revealed that the wings had been grafted on to the woman’s back and grown large to accommodate their new home. The flesh around the graft was sore, implying that marriage was not a happy one.


     ‘Once there were five houses who went to Andromeda across the glittering darkness. Now there is only one. Foxavier will have no answers for you and I shall have even less.’ said the woman and took to the wing.



     Goddess Haylee and her princess stood outside one of the heavily shuttered loading bays of the British Museum. On the wall set into the stone was a small plaque brass plaque. ‘The posthumous collection of Sir Hans Sloane led to the creation of the British Museum 1660-1753.’


     ‘Jamaica, cocoa and a wife…Passion and chocolate, the world runs on it.’ said Goddess Haylee wistfully.


     ‘The taste of something sweet.’ said the princess in a voice full of impropriety which caused the Goddess to chuckle and them both to smile.


     ‘Then let us open this box of old and sweet delight.’said the Goddess and with a subtle movement of Her index finger the reinforced shutters began to open.


     With another simple movement of Her finger the silent alarm that had suddenly been tripped turned itself off. Then with a click of Her fingers the security guard that had leapt from his chair sat back down again and slumped over the expensive security system which was now inactive.


     ‘To Hans and his pretty Elisabeth…’ said Goddess Haylee and crossed the threshold then turned Her head slightly, ‘Come my princess.’ and with another click of Her fingers the lights in the loading bay burst into incandescent life.


     The princess followed the Goddess inside. The large loading bay was filled with many items still wrapped in their boxes. Statues, vases, and several thousand small pieces of historical flotsam and jetsam. There was an old mechanical smell to the room and the two of them paused a moment as the shutters closed behind them.


     One of the largest cases sat on a table in the far corner began to shake and shudder making a loud disquieting noise in the large room.


     ‘Sometimes mine does that when it’s in my draw.’ said the princess with a smirk.


     ‘We better check just in case or it will drain the battery.’ replied Goddess Haylee with a laugh.


     The two of them crossed the large concrete floor, the Goddess and her princess walking just behind Her. Reaching the table, the sounds grew louder and carefully the two of them began to unwind the large amount of plastic wrapping that covered it.


     Underneath there was a further layer of cardboard and tape to remove until they reached the metal casket underneath it all, which trembled even more violently when exposed to the light. Unfastening the lid the two of them lifted it up and placed it on the table beside the casket. The label on the lid read Chile.


     Inside was a human shaped form, covered in dark clay and wrapped up in ancient woven reeds. The mummy began shake even more, causing vegetable matter and small piece of clay to scatter themselves on the floor of the metal casket. Goddess Haylee held Her hand over the clay covered head and closed Her eyes, snapping them open a moment later.


     ‘No dear one, no. It is time to sleep, we are both far from Chinocorro now. It is time to dream of flowers on the mountainside. Time to lay down in the long grass and watch the sky full of stars. It is time to sleep dear one, time to sleep. Close your eyes and hush. Hush dear one, hush.’ spoke Goddess Haylee with quiet affection, the princess watching Her mouth shape every syllable until the shaking in the casket stopped.


     ‘Come my princess, let us go about our task.’



     Words were being said. Heated words. A very beautiful tall man with tousled dark hair, a firm jaw line and deep blue eyes was arguing with a Japanese woman dressed in long pale grey silk robes.


     ‘He was in safe keeping. There was no need for him to be taken.’ said Foxavier his distinctive voice reaching down the long stairs of the messy attic flat.


     ‘I will go where I please and do as I wish.’ said the woman adjusting the katana blades that hung by her side, as she crossed the large squalid room. ‘You should sweep the floor occasionally Foxavier.’


     ‘There are other matters that require my attention.’ said Foxavier in a pure confident voice that the woman found disarming.


‘What is required for his safe return?’ said Foxavier clearly disliking this petty bargaining.


     ‘A life for a life, Foxavier. I want the sleeping Scholar.’ said the Lady Grey.


     There was a sound of one of the floorboards creaking in the open doorway of the ramshackle flat, both of the current occupants turned towards the sound.


     ‘It is bad manners to barter with items that you do not have.’ said Rodimus stepping into the room and looking around him disapprovingly, wrinkling his nose up at the smell of damp and the terrible mess.


     The Lady Grey drew the largest of her blades and rested it carefully on Rodmimus adam’s apple.


     ‘She had no right to take it.’ said the Lady Grey calmly but forcefully.


     ‘She goes where she pleases and does as she wishes.’ responded Rodimus in voice that wondered if he was about to die.


     ‘Do not try to conceal your name in your thoughts Rodimus! Answer me a question and I will spare your life.’ the woman said her temper finally coming to the fore.


     ‘You will have to tell me it first.’ he answered as bravely as he could muster.


     All the while Foxavier looked at the tip of the blade with an expression that said he fully expected Rodimus head to add to the mess that was already on the carpet.


     ‘Has your Mistress ever told you, if it was she that created the Five Decks?’ the Lady Grey uttered as if it was the most important question of her life.


     ‘She has never mentioned it to me.’ laughed Rodimus nervously.


     ‘Does it really matter if she did?’ laughed Foxavier loudly breaking the tension.


     ‘It matters to Us!’ exclaimed the Lady Grey withdrawing her blade.


     ‘There aren’t that many of you left.’ said Foxavier patting the relived looking Rodimus on the shoulder.


     ‘In that the Scholars and Magi are alike. Clearly my business with you is over Foxavier. As for you Rodimus, tell your Mistress she is lucky I did not part your head from your body.’ the Lady Grey turned and left, with a dismissive wave of her hand the door slammed shut behind her.


     ‘You have come to ask me for my help haven’t you Rodimus?’ said Foxavier pushing the clutter on the floor out of the way with his foot, reaching down absently and picking one of the many books up from the floor.


     ‘Yes I have.’ said Rodimus with a clear sense of duty. ‘My Lady is also in search of something that has been lost.’


     ‘If you can return what was taken, then perhaps I will help you.’ said Foxavier opening a window and looking down at the city below, distracted by all that he saw. ‘Leave me now Rodimus, I have another argument to have before I sleep.’


     ‘As you wish Foxavier.’ said Rodimus and made his way back down the nine flights of stairs he had come.



     They reached the Great Court with its clear criss-cross ceiling with the large circular Reading Room in the centre. The lights were dimmed and beautiful summer night sky looked down upon them filling the space with an eerie magic. They continued walking until they reached the forty foot high Haida totem pole whose dark cedar wood contrasted it pale surroundings.


Goddess Haylee paused and looked up at it. Her gaze moved down each of the carved figures one by one. She recited their name quietly to herself. The princess looked at a nearby display detailing the totem pole and noted that the Goddess added a prefix or suffix to some of the names that had not been recorded. The princess studied Goddess Haylee’s expression intently as She was lost in thought.


     The reverie was broken by the arrival of two hesitant security guards approaching from different ends of the Great Court, their clattering footsteps breaking the magical silence.


     One was in his late twenties, the other his mid thirties, they came to a stop less than ten feet away from Goddess Haylee and the princess. Slowly they withdrew tazers from their belts and nervously raised them, in a manner that suggested they had seen too many films.


     ‘Good evening Haylee. You’ve warned before about breaking into this building. The British Museum is not your personal playground. We’re going to have to take you into custody.’ said the oldest man


     ‘Do not point your weapons at Me Michael, I do not like it.’ replied Goddess Haylee calmly in a soothing manner that echoed through the vast room.


     ‘Put your ear plugs in lad, she’s at it again.’ the oldest security guard exclaimed.


     As the two men reached into their pockets Goddess Haylee curled up the fingers of Her left hand and then flung them outward.


The two men found the ears plugs tumbling out of their grasp and Goddess Haylee chuckled as the tiny little piece of plastic caught fire and melted into charred little lumps.


     ‘I think thats what you call a fortunate accident.’ said the princess with a smile.


     The two men stood up nervously and looked at each other, their tazers this time held by their sides.


     ‘You’re new. What happened to Edward, I liked Edward?’ Goddess Haylee said with a smile turning to the youngest man.


     ‘They got someone more reliable.’ the young man replied with a smidgen of arrogance which was all he could muster.


     ‘Edward developed quite an obsession with you Haylee, but it wasn’t conducive to doing his job.’ answered the older man.


     ‘I could write him a character reference, perhaps that would help.’ Goddess Haylee responded with a smirk.


     ‘You look like a nice girl, what are you doing running round the likes of her?’ said the younger man to the princess.


     ‘How long have you got?’ replied the princess sarcastically.


     ‘I have many things to do. Turn both around, go back to what you were doing and allow Me to go about My business.’ Goddess Haylee said in syrupy seductive manner.


     ‘We can’t do that Haylee, you know we can’t.’ the eldest man said shifting his feet.


     ‘I think you’ll find you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it.’ answered Goddess Haylee Her voice slowing and Her eyes widening.


     ‘She’s doing it isn’t she, just like you said she would.’ the younger man said nervously.


     ‘Just relax. Just put all of those little fears and worries out of your mind. Listen to the sound of My voice. The soft warm texture and feel of it. It’s so calming, so distracting. It makes you want to go somewhere quiet and lie down.’ continued Goddess Haylee staring intently at the younger man.


     ‘I…I dont know…I’m supposed to…’ the man said fuzzily.


     ‘Just listen…just listen to the sound of My voice.’ said Goddess Haylee stepping closer to him.


     ‘She’s doing it…she doing it.’ said the younger man, his eyes becoming sleepy.


     ‘Go home. Go home and sleep.’ Goddess Haylee said quietly and the man quietly put his tazer on the ground, turned and walked away, not looking back. 


     Goddess Haylee turned toward the older man and stretched out Her hand. The tazer in his grasp tugged itself free, rose and desposited itself in Goddess Haylee’s palm who then placed it in Her robes.


     ‘Put an end to this folly Michael and in future leave us be. We are not here to plunder the tourist attractions. As fond of you as I am Michael Sonderson do not interfere with My business again or I will lose My temper. In the meantime I suggest you contact Edward and tell him he is reinstated. Are My words understood?’ said the Goddess firmly.


     ‘Yes.’ replied Michael reluctantly with a sigh, ‘They won’t like it. You’re still not supposed to be in here.’


     ‘I go where I please Michael and I do as I wish.’ answered Goddess Haylee.


     As Her words finished a breeze blew through the Great Court, and the figures of the Goddess and her princess transformed themselves into stacks of leaves. The leaves collapsed and spread themselves across the white floor and Michael found himself alone not for the first time. He looked up to find that the totem pole of the Haida had turned round in its base and was looking at him.


     ‘What happened by the Unseen sea is happening here. It cannot be stopped. Tell everyone.’ said the nearest head to him, its large wooden mouth moving as it spoke, ‘Gather your loved ones about you run. That is all there is to tell.’ it concluded, its base cracking open sending the forty foot high pole crashing oto the floor.


     Within an hour Michael was no longer in the city. His whereabouts are not known.



     A blizzard of leaves swept through the underworld of the British Museum. Turning corners, opening doors and twisting down staircases over a century old. Spiralling, undulating and coalescing into the forms of the Goddess and Her disciple.


     ‘I felt something Goddess. Like someone had thrown a large stone into a pond. I heard a message but could not make out the words.’ said the princess as her senses came into focus.


     ‘I tried to reach for them but they fell into the darkness beyond My grasp. Things are moving in the depths. Old powers that have been sleeping are waking up. It is the springtime for ancient things that sends forth many a messenger.’ Goddess Haylee declared candidly.


     ‘All I know of this is rumour and dark fairy tales.’ answered the princess following the Goddess as She began down the long nineteenth century corridor. ‘Is it to do with the king who was killed in London?’


     ‘Yes, My princesss. Nearly a hundred years ago an ancient and cunning monarch was slain here. His widow has finished grieving and returns to her throne. She has spoken all her curses, all she has left is promises to keep.’ said Goddess Haylee gravely.


     ‘A widow? I have heard none of this. I do not understand.’ said the princess.


     ‘Then say a prayer to something old that you never find out.’ remarked Goddess Haylee in a moment of rare terseness stopping suddenly at a section of old redbrick wall. ‘We have reached over destination.’


     ‘An old bricked up doorway?’ said the princess.


     ‘One of many.’ replied the Goddess with a gentle click of Her fingers and the bricks that outlined the shape of an old entrance fell to the floor instantly revealing a heavy iron door underneath.


     Goddess Haylee turned the little finger of Her left hand in a tiny circle, the lock turned and the creaked open on old hinges. The Goddess stepped over the fallen brickwork, quickly followed by the princess and the door closed itself behind them.




     The long red brick room was filled shelves stacked with row upon row of jars of food each with a hand written label. The air was sweet with a menagerie of smells that filled the room. There were old tiles on the floor and an old gas lamp hung from the ceiling spluttered into life for the first time in over a century.


     Each of the labels told a story of its own. Ambrosia and Catterwrinkle cake mixture. Bottles of Misbegotten Wine. Saffron hearts and ginger grass sugar biscuits. Glazed lobster apples cut into pieces and wrapped in whole Wendigo leaves and soaked in syrup and Tapra Mint Brandy. Moonglow quarter candy and raspberry glass squares. Tinterminkles and whiddershin apricots.


     Hung on the wall was a wishing clock that went all the way up to seventy one. Keeping each jar as fresh as the day it was sealed.


     ‘I have never seen one, but I have read of them.’ said the princess stepping closer to watch the three pendulums as they swung in different rhythms.


     ‘They rare now and the lesser ones keep bad time when they are old. I have had this one since…perhaps it is better that I forget.’ said Goddess Haylee looking down at Her feet for a moment.




     ‘My princess, fetch that box from the far corner and put it on the table through here. It should be empty.’ said the Goddess presently turning Her head and making a small gesture in the direction of the box and then walked through a interior door into a large kitchen complete with a huge old stove.


     ‘Yes Goddess.’ said the princess with a nod, and followed Goddess Haylee into the kitchen with the exquisite wooden box and placing it on the large kitchen table beneath the shelves.


     There were pots, pans and crockery on many shelves. It looked like a room that had seen much use in its time. Ancient smells of meals long past lingered in the air. The princess looked about her, the wheels of her imagination began to turn and she became distracted.


     ‘Open the box. It is not locked.’ instructed the Goddess, studying the princess with a smile. ‘Now go into the pantry and fetch some olivanders, some phanta-dragons, a box of Sophisticles and three bottles of Somerazarde Wine.


     ‘Yes Goddess.’ said the princess searching about for the pantry door, locating it to her left and disappearing through it.


     Goddess Haylee returned to the previous room and plucked half a dozen jars and boxes from the shelves and deposited them in the box one by one. She then changed Her mind about several of the items and went to exchange them for something more suitable.


     As the princess was placing her own items in the box, Goddess Haylee spied a small locket that was hanging from a nail on one of the shelves. She stretched upwards retrieved and opened it. Then giving the small silver object a shake, tiny faded grains of stale fairy dust fell out. The Goddess smiled closed the locket and placed it about Her neck. As She returned to the kitchen, with fresh jars in her hands, the small object glowed as She drew nearer to the princess. The Goddess placed Her items in the box, instructed the princess to follow Her and the two of them departed carrying the box between them.



     ‘Oh I forgot the ring tailed chocolate!’ exclaimed Goddess Haylee as they lifted the box up an old cast iron flight of stairs, their footstep echoing with every step. They reached one of the square iron landings and paused.


     ‘I have chocolate to spare sweet Lady.’ said the princess submissively. ‘My house is not far from here.’


     ‘Then I demand to try a little of your wares before we go on our way.’ said Goddess Haylee turning round to look at the princess with Her magical green eyes.


     ‘I can do nothing but surrender up what I have to offer and You may consume it at your leisure.’ replied the princess slowly.


     ‘Have no doubt of that.’ said Goddess Haylee with a wicked smirk, turned around and the two of them continued up the next flight of stairs.


     ‘Gawd, I love flirting with You.’ said the princess hotly.


     ‘And I love owning your little English ass!’ exclaimed Goddess Haylee and they burst out laughing as they reached the top of the stairs, both a little drunk on each other’s company.



     ‘Ssssh, my princess.’ said the Goddess putting a finger to Her lips as they crossed through one door and then another, re-entering the Great Court.


     Their playful mood evaporated as they emerged to discover the fate of the Haida totem pole. Approaching cautiously still carrying their box they came to a stop. Discovering someone had rearranged the leaves they had left behind them, to spell out the words ‘The Widow is collecting her debts.’


     ‘Peter!?’ said the princess in horror.


     ‘Peter Smoke! Peter Smoke! Why didn’t you tell Me you stubborn man!’ Goddess Haylee said in a loud voice.


     The Goddess brought Her hands together in a loud clap. In Her left hand appeared a large staff carved in the manner of the fallen Haida totem pole. ‘We will return to Gordon Square immediately and I shall summon the whole household.’ said the Goddess sternly and banged the staff loudly five times on the floor. The whole building rumbled and priceless artefacts rolled off their stands and break in two as the Goddess, her princess and the box disappeared.



     They arrived in the middle of the park of Gordon Square with a loud thunderous crack. Looking around them the usual evening activity was absent. There were no people on the street, no parked cars or sounds of traffic. The earlier summer cacophony had fallen silent.


     They were not alone however. A tall blonde man, wearing a thick old fashioned pair of black spectacles stood waiting for them. He wore a distinctive well tailored grey suit and black tie, that made him look like he had stepped out of the 1960’s. He stepped calmly forward and approached them.


     ‘Who are you!?’ declared Goddess Haylee angrily.


     ‘Goddess Haylee, princess indigo.’ he said with a nod and a voice that betrayed that he had been born in the heart of London. ‘My name is Francis. They also call me Mr Blink.’


                       Goodnight Moon: The House On Gordon Square


                                           End of Part One




All fictional characters and related plots (c) Princess Indigo